Top 5 Gadgets for Mobile Under 250Rs


Hello guys. So today I’m back with gadget offers, and this time I’ve got 5 Cool Gadgets You Can Buy From Amazon India For Under Rs-250 for your mobile phone. I have personal experience with these devices, and they are extremely beneficial for your mobile phone. These Top 5 Gadgets for Mobile Under 250 Rs will assist you in your daily life usage and enhance your mobile phone experience.

List of Top 5 Gadgets for Mobile Under 250 Rs are listed Down below.

Domo VR (Virtual Reality)

Domo VR has a flexible head-strap with tension locks, a magnet input knob, a phone aligner, a phone holder, and phone access slots, and is designed to hold any smartphone with a 6′′ LCD screen. It costs INR 199 after a 90 percent discount. This VR is an excellent value at INR 199. This is one of the devices which would give you an entry-level experience that would help you to move towards higher devices like Procus VR

Adaptor for 5 Way Jack

This is the item that we’ve all been waiting for. The 5 Way Jack Adaptor has a 3.5 mm stereo headset hub splitter that allows you to attach up to five headphones at once. This 5-way splitter costs just INR 229, so you won’t be able to resist grooving. Using this adaptor for a 5 way jack you can listen to music, with 5 of your friends together!

Kit for SIM Card Adaptation

This Sim Card Kit is a great way to keep your sim cards and memory cards safe and secure. Its small size and lightweight make it easy to carry in your bag. It also comes with a variety of SIM adapters to fit any size SIM card. Nowadays it has become very necessary given that phones have moved from Mini sim mode to nano sim and micro sim.

Stand for Wall Chargers

Keep your phone’s head up! Instead of making your phone hang, the Wall Charger Stand helps you to position it as it charges. This simple and effective tool is at the top of our list of must-have accessories. Using this, you can easily charge your mobile despite having a wall charger and no stand

Protectors for cables

There aren’t enough of them! Cable protectors minimize the risk of fraying and breaking by preventing the cable from bending at its weakest point. You can get two pairs for INR 249.

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